Procedure for granting access to individuals within Contracting Parties to the MCS Website

(from Annex II.H of the NAFO Conservation and Enforcement Measures

  • The NAFO Secretariat is responsible for the administration of the NAFO MCS Website, including the uploading of all information to it, and the delivery of the necessary credentials to accede the MCS Website.
  • The purpose of the website is to serve as a tool for sharing information which is often of a confidential and sensitive nature, to facilitate control activities and promote compliance with the NAFO CEM.
  • Within a Contracting Party the individuals to whom access shall be granted to the MCS Website shall be determined as appropriate, bearing the purpose of the website in mind, by the official designated by the Contracting Party on an annual basis.
  • The Contracting Party shall submit a list of those individuals (which includes names, administration for which they work, professional title and email address) to the NAFO Secretariat on an annual basis by the 31st December, or as soon as possible if any changes are to be made, to enable access to be granted for the following year.
  • The NAFO Secretariat shall ensure those individuals are granted access to the MCS Website, and shall provide login credentials. All those who are granted access shall have equal ability to read information contained in the MCS Website.
  • Individual login credentials will expire automatically on the 31st December of the year for which access was granted.
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